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All persons using this website must be 18 years old or above. Your details/information are safe, we have the saddle of responsibility to to ensure that your information are not disclosed to to a third party. Nojas merchandising services(the company that manages this website) has resources-Human and equipment that are invariably translated into competency felt by our customers as satisfaction.

Ever  since we kicked off on the internet, the Company has always provided our customers and users with the highest caliber of goods, coupled with excellent customer service. We have provided access to useful information about our products and we hope we have created a very pleasant internet experience.

We need to retain your personal information to allow us communicate with you when need be. The information is also used to process your orders and provide a more personal experience. We use the information to let you take advantage of promotions and discounts. All information collected from you is used by us to take orders, send emails to you and provide the most efficient and fast internet experience.